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Over the last three years I have had 4 major operations, which left me with
severe neuropathy pain in my feet and legs, which has also caused serious
weakness and therefore poor balance. My GP prescribed some medication, but
also advised me to do some serious controlled exercise.
I felt to have regular supervised gym sessions would probably help, therefore I
contacted Kevin Cowdroy a personal trainer, for some advice and help. As I
have known Kevin for some time, he was aware of some of the problems I was

Following a couple of conversations, we started on some walking and
stretching exercises. In addition after a few sessions I then used various
apparatus in the gym (under Kevins’ instruction and supervision). All this has
improved my balance, movement and relieved a lot of pain, to the extent that
for many years I have not been able to ride a bike, now I can do a ten minute
session, non-stop on an exercise bike, at various resistant settings.
In the beginning, I felt self conscious and had to overcome these feelings, now
my PT sessions have become part of my weekly life with the help, support and
encouragement from Kevin, it has delivered real results and has put me where
I am today.

I would recommend, if you have an issue with fitness, which is related to
health issues, you should contact Kevin to have an initial discussion and then
work with him on a plan to help you.
Sincere thanks, Mike

August 29, 2018