William Bray

William Bray

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William Bray

I couldn’t recommended Kevin highly enough. Due to his expertise, dedication and encouragement I have gone from a completely immobilising back injury to karate champion.

About 18 months ago I decided it was time to do something about my fitness and weight. I had suffered a nasty injury which had left me with very restricted movement in my lower back and realising my core strength was almost non existent I thought it best to get in the gym. I needed guidance as I am not a ‘gym goer’ and luckily someone recommended Kevin.

Kevin worked relentlessly for the first few months just getting me to stretch so I could gain some movement and free up the tightness I had. It was a long ‘little and often’ process which got me where I needed to be so we could start weight training. I have always been fearful of this sort of training and I have never liked gyms but Kevin has kept me on track.

I have trusted Kevin’s judgement through out this journey, his years of experience, expertise and regularly trained in the gym with him for over 18 months. His persistence, encouragement  and ability to understand what I need has meant that I no longer have any back problems what-so-ever. I have lost body fat, developed muscles that I had long forgotten about and now fitter than ever. I thoroughly enjoy the strength training we do and also enjoy feeling better about myself, I didn’t think training would be as fun and as positive an experience that it has been.

Training with Kevin had been going so well and I was feeling much more confident about myself that I felt I wanted to do something alongside and I decided to join a karate club, I joined Westwood Karate Academy. Since then I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love karate, the club is fantastic and I have progress well. I have progressed so well that I recently won a gold medal in a national competition, no one is more chuffed than me!

I have been able to achieve all this because of the regular training with Kevin. We have spent many hours working on training techniques, stretching programs, fitness and developing core muscle groups so I can be stronger, happier and just feel ultimately better. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it!

September 7, 2018